Something Old, Something New Lyric Sheet

 All words and music by Dennis Vogen
Dance With Me
I'll write the script if you'll be the girl who stars
We'll rock the box office and I'll buy you a pink car
We'll drive all night and Hollywood will love you like I do
and that's the way it should be
I'll sing you songs if you'll be the words I say
and if the notes I make tonight don't make you go away
There's one more question I should ask before we flip the day
and that question would be
Will you please...
Dance with me like they used to
in golden days and black and white movies
Time sits still and I will, too
and don't forget it only takes a minute
If you'd like, then we'll take two
I second-glanced the moment I noticed
your flowered dress and open shoes
I should confess, but... no
I'll talk to you all night if you'll listen carefully
and I'd ask you what you're thinking but you're thinking about me
I tripped so hard I dropped my breath, but evidently
That's the way it should be
So that's our introduction, you can turn the first page
A spark has been conducted, a ball was put in play
The opening credits ended, the players set the stage
and our show's beginning
So, please...
I should confess, but... okay
I never thought I'd be in this position
I never thought this thought of acquisition was real
You push and pull 'til I hang off my hinges
I'm back and forth here pacing in my kitchen, yeah
You should admit you love our conversations
Even though we haven't had our confrontation yet
I'm always lost in these translations
You seem to be the only one who understands just what I'm saying
I get you, and you get me
I want you, and you want me
I think of you, you think of me
and we toss and turn excited by this possibility
I'm so deeply and positively in love
and I know that you know I know you know that I know
You're so deep and positively so scared
but don't be, though you know you'll never get over me
Your kiss just killed my expectations
I hope I'm worth the anticipation so far
I'm addicted so I may second-glance
I'll hold you if you give me the chance
With You
All you kids in the Midwest, get down!
I can't believe that you're next to me
Yeah, I'm in shock
My heart's been dragging me around the block
We're finally up next in line and I'm on fire
and tired from thinking about you all the time
but I'm inspired to take your hand and take you away
and up the stairs and through the hall and over some chairs
and you know what?
I wish you'd hurry and down that drink
'cause I'm waiting for the right time for something to say
When I'm with you, you strike a nerve
I wanna be the man that you deserve
and touch you back
If the offer stands, do I have a chance?
And don't stop now
If you can't decide then give me a dance
I can't believe that you got kicked out
Yeah, I'm “in shock”
So now I'm chasing you down the block
and on the way I pick up a rose
Some homeless guy just scammed me then with a homeless lie
But you don't care
You're just happy here, just you and me
outside your car and in your eyes I can see a star
and don't take this the wrong way
but I'm gonna miss you really bad when you –
That was our first kiss
Though you're with him you strike a chord
I highly doubt you should be so torn
So don't hold back
The offer stands, I'll give you a chance
and don't stop then
To help you decide, give me a dance
We need to stop this here and now
If you wanna dance, then show me how
You're so close and you're whispering
You sound like a dream
I can't wake up
You're better than you could ever seem
I know you're tired but don't go
Just stay 'til the end of this show
Your face is flawless in the set's glow
Your body's flawless in the set's glow
You're still going home to live with him
Aren't you scared of dying with him?
I'll remember this kiss, but what then?
Will you ever come back, and if so, when?
I'll swallow your keys if I have to
Don't drive away unless you want to
You wanna run away?
You know I'll run, too
Don't drive away until you have to
I'm on my knees so, gorgeous, please
I'm holding on for dear life
There's no letting go of what's right
Your tears glow and fade in the lamplight
It never gets late in the lamplight
Just tell me when and I'll let go
You look for the words, but I know
You're turning the key in the night's glow
You're nearly flawless in the night's glow
You turned around because you had to
Not to sound cool, but I had you
To what you've heard, you have me, too
My lips were cool and now they're hot, too
All I Need
And all you wanted is already here
And I've been waiting for over a year
And all I wanted is to be everything
You're getting colder as we ease into spring
And all we want is under what we can't do
I don't think my heart can hold on to you anymore
Though you're the best that I've had
This hurts too much
This hurts so bad
And all I need is your touch
Though you're all that I need
This hurts, no lie
This hurts so bad
So all I need is goodbye
And all we wanted it just falls away
Just know I still mean every word I sing
And all we wanted is just what we need
but tonight I wanna disappear
Everyone Has Someone (But Me)
Looking for love
I'm looking for pain
I try to change
but my heart cries the same
Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
Everyone has someone but me
Looking for you
and so hopelessly
I'm wishing on stars
that you're wishing for me
Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
Everyone has someone has me
Waiting for love
I'm waiting in vain
I know it's my fault
but you're someone to blame
Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
Everyone has someone but me
Looking for love
I'm needing this pain
I try to change
'cause no one wants me the same
Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
Everyone has someone but me
Have a Nice Life
Don't turn around if you don't mean a thing
Don't ask me to play if you hate the way I sing
Don't kiss me here if your heart is over there
Don't question me if you really don't care
Don't come around if you can't make a choice
Don't talk to me 'cause I'll just miss your voice
Don't sit on the floor, here, I'll share my chair
Don't bother me if you really don't care
Stop, I'll walk away
I won't try to say, "I'm sorry"
Now we know they were right
So have a nice life
Don't push me around if you want me by your side
Don't count to ten if there's no place to hide
Don't throw your heart if there's just a tear
and don't play with me if you really don't care
Don't joke around if there's tears in your eyes
Don't lie to me if I made you cry
Like a lucky hand, I thought we made a pair
But more and more each day, I don't think you care
Stop, I can't walk away.
I mean what I say
I need you
and you just feel right
So have a nice night
The Steps
Fly away
Just find a way
and if your car breaks down
Well, that's okay
'Cause anyway
I'll find a way
to pick your heart back up
If that's okay
So yesterday
I found a way
to keep you here with me
to make you stay
'Cause if you say
you found a way
to look into my eyes
Oh, that's okay.
Follow the stars up to my door
and when you're there I can't ask for more
I just need your body close to mine
And I will walk the steps it takes to be there
To be there and push back your hair
And I will kiss your lips and hold your waist
Hold your waist
I miss your taste
Don't fade away
I'll find a way
to keep my heart this clear
to make you stay
'Cause anyway
you need to stay
to make our hearts both whole
and keep me okay
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