The Den

Welcome, You Weirdos.

Can you believe it? I have my own website, and you’re on it. I don’t understand how this happened, either.

Either way, I’m glad to see you today.

Check out The Blog to read the good stuff — posts about (in alphabetical order): adulthood, alternate timelines, art, books, childhood, comics, dogs, family, friendship, happiness, inspiration, life, loneliness, loss, love, multiverses, recovery, sadness, restaurants, spirituality, the universe & writing.


Buy @ the official store here: SHOP SLEEPING KITTY PRODUCTIONS

Buy the digital version @ Amazon here: SHOP DIGITAL ON AMAZON

Think of this as Dennis+: a way to stream all the Dennis-related content you could ever want. But if you somehow want more, please follow me all over social media, in places like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also buy my original comic series, The Weirdos, and other merchandise at The Sleeping Kitty Productions Shop.

And, like Disney+, if there’s any content you want to see just drop me line. Drop me a line for any reason at all, really.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your stay here on

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