The Den

Welcome, You Weirdos.

Can you believe it? I have my own website, and you’re on it. I don’t understand how this happened, either.

Either way, I’m glad to see you today.

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Check out The Blog to read the good stuff — posts about (in alphabetical order): adulthood, alternate timelines, art, books, childhood, comics, dogs, family, film, friendship, grief, happiness, inspiration, life, loneliness, loss, love, multiverses, pop culture, recovery, sadness, science, sobriety, restaurants, spirituality, television, toys, the universe & writing.


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*Buy a signed paperback @ the official store — SHOP SLEEPING KITTY PRODUCTIONS


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You can check out our official YouTube channel, the Sleeping Kitty Network, HERE.

As The Next Step, I’ve released three full-length albums and have played shows all over the state of Minnesota. You can find my music on every major digital platform, like Apple, Spotify & YouTube. Learn more about my music HERE.

Click to hear Something Old, Something New on YouTube

Click to hear Love & Fear on YouTube

Click to hear Honesty & Happiness on YouTube

Think of this website as Dennis+: a way to stream all the Dennis-related content your heart could ever wish for. If you somehow find yourself wanting more, please follow me all over social media, in places like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also buy my original comic series, novels, and other merchandise at The Sleeping Kitty Productions Shop.

And, like Disney+, if there’s any content you really want to see, just drop me line. Drop me a line for any reason at all, really.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your stay here on

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