Art Owes You Nothing

Art, doing its thing, which is nothing or everything depending entirely on you.

April 28th, 2019

Art owes you nothing.

If you find light, or find hope, or joy or peace or love in art, ultimately that’s on you.

Similarly, if you look at a work of art and it pisses you off, or deeply upsets you, or makes you angry or sad or indifferent — that is also all you.

I say this because art is what you make it. Yes, the artist has ideas and intent and works within or without a structure, but how art is perceived is only determined by one thing: you. And I feel like people have put too much responsibilty in artist’s and writer’s hands for things that they, in the end, will have no control over.

Which means that the observers of art need to learn how to take responsibility for themselves, and their role in the world around them. They need to be the change they want to appear and be the light they wish to see. They need to stop pointing their fragile fingers and put those hands to work.

Because, when all is said and done, art owes you nothing. And we owe it everything.


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