Snow Dayz

Perfect day for the patio.

April 11th, 2019

This morning on the way to work, I pulled over to help two men who were trying to push a woman’s car out next to Crystal Lake. They were decked out in work gloves and thick boots; real men’s men. I feebly asked if they needed help; they said it couldn’t hurt.

The woman, who had front-wheel drive, wasn’t spinning in ice; she was in the ground, turning up thick mud. We pushed a couple times, and nothing was happening. I didn’t want to sound stupid, but I had an idea: had she tried driving forward at all? They all looked at each other and said it was worth a try. So, with a new plan, two tries later she pushed forward, pushed back and she was free, and I was back on the road to work.

Moral of the story? Never assume that everyone around you knows more than you do, and never underestimate your value in any situation. You can always help.

The patio will not be open today.


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