Kickstart Me Up

January 28th, 2020

Hello, my fabulous Squirrels.

So: you see these everyday. A digital suitcase placed out to raise funds for a work or a person. If you decide to keep on scrolling, I 100% understand and have been that person many times, too.


But, if you believe in me, or the work I do, this is your chance to help me finish it. Because, from the very beginning, I could never do this alone.

If you believe in unadulterated and adult self-expression and inner-exploration, if you believe in people and characters as flawed as you are, if you believe in the normalization of all the things that are wrong with us, if you believe in the sharing of the dark parts we all keep, if you believe in real-life superheroes who just can’t keep their shit together on their own, again, if you just believe in me: please consider donating.

This is the most important thing I have done and I truly believe in every inked line and colored pixel I’ve willingly bled for it.

You have until the Ides of March, and I put together some pretty neat reward packages, as well.

Sharing this link is also so helpful — the most helpful. Put your own words on it and share the secret.

If this doesn’t get funded: the book is still released. But it will be a very small first printing, it will be expensive for you to buy, and it will be very hard to get.

If this does get funded: Big first order. Reasonably priced books. The happiest me possible.

To recap: I need you. I trust you. I love you. Please help? I have full confidence in all my Squirrels. That means you.

Let’s Bring The Weirdos To Life!, via @Kickstarter


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