Excellent Adventure

March 28th, 2020

I finished the special Collector’s Edition behind-the-scenes pages of my book today, and it required me to go through all the material it took to get here. As you can see, it took no less than NINE notebooks, SIX years and THOUSANDS of pages to get to this 128-page graphic novel now.

I say six years because I actually found a timeline this afternoon that began and took place in 2014, which must be the year I started this. For the record, there is a canonical timeline in the book, and The Weirdos does take place in the year 2020. Having Axis be asleep during the COVID-19 crisis is probably one of the most genius ideas I’ve ever had.

It was crazy and kind of emotional going through all these words and sketches and paintings and photos. It gave me some constants; touchstones that grounded me in this whole experience.

Who would have thought that I was going to stick with this over half a decade later? ❤


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