Theia’s First Amazon Review

November 19th, 2020

So, Theia just got its first Amazon review, and it is hands down one the best reviews I have ever been on the receiving end of in my life. It comes from one of my longest supporters (for real, I can’t remember a time when I was making anything and she wasn’t there to give it a listen or read), and you should check it out. Hopefully, it’ll inspire others to pick it up (and honestly, if I hadn’t written the book, I would have picked it up after this review).

* * * * * Amazon Review, by Krista Hanner

A self-published author nails another novella that’s worthy of a best sellers list!

‘Theia’ is only 66 pages long but I promise you that it will take you on an adventure of emotions right from the very first sentence; “All Theia wanted was to go outside.”

I never would have thought that I would ever be able to relate to a fictional silver Boston Terrier named Theia. Dennis does an incredible job of bringing you into the mind and history of Theia, as well as the other cast of supporting characters. Each chapter is filled with narrative that brings you directly into the story to where you can’t help but feel the emotions that each character experiences. I cried, numerous times, while reading this book (ie: pretty much anything Nerd does). Please don’t let that stop you from reading this book though! There is a twist that I promise you *never* would have saw coming and an ending that will leave you feeling warm inside but also leave you to reflect on your own personal story. Dennis nailed the ending and left me wanting to read more. What happens next for Theia? Is Murdery really….murdery?!

I’ll conclude this review by sharing my favorite line in the book; “…Never apologize for when you have to bite. When you live in a world that hurts you and doesn’t listen, sometimes all you have left is to hurt them back. But it’s not who you are. It’s who they made you be.”

1000% recommend!

I sincerely got emotional reading this. I couldn’t thank her for this review enough if I tried.

Want to read it for yourself? Get yourself a copy (or support a local writer and buy one as a holiday gift!) here at!


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