Time is Free

March 29th, 2021

Would you like to win a free copy of my upcoming book, Time is a Solid State?! (Easy yes, right? I mean, free stuff.)

For every review you post for any of my books on amazon.com until April 8th, 2021, you will automatically receive one entry. On that day, I will randomly select two (2!) participating people to win a brand freaking new copy of my collection of essays at absolutely no cost to them (or, if you’d prefer a different one of my books, I’m cool with that, too!).

Good news if you’ve already left a review (or a few): those all count as entries, too! So some of you are already in the running (and I thank you dearly for your constant support).

*Possible question 1: “What if I leave a review on a site that is not Amazon?”

No problem! Just send me a link to the review and you will get an entry in the contest. It’s hard for me to check every review site on the internet, but I still want to reward any support.

*Possible question 2: “How can I review your new book if it’s not out yet?!”

Easy! It’s a book collecting my essays, blogs and posts over the past five years, so if you’ve ever read something of mine on the internet that resonated with you, just write about that — because that’s what this book is.

*Possible question 3: “What books can I review?”

In order of release: Them, Flip, Us, The Weirdos: Volume I, Theia, Flip: Special Edition, and Time is a Solid State are all open for review! And each will net you one entry in the contest.

If you have any more questions, ask away! Otherwise, I hope to see your reviews and can’t wait to give away some books! All my love. ❤


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