May 30th, 2021

Sharing a warm-up sketch this morning for two reasons:

1. Brushfire is still very much my main project that I’m working on, despite yesterday’s surprise news that I’m releasing a sequel to Flip this summer.

2. Squirrels can be dropped at any height and survive. Physics will give you all the answers as to why, but basically: squirrels are light. Gravity doesn’t pull on them like it does on us. A skydiver’s velocity will be around 120 mph on the way down, and a squirrel’s is only about 23 mph. A squirrel will reach that maximum velocity about 3 seconds into a fall, so it doesn’t matter if it drops from the lowest tree branch (which is unlikely as squirrels are expert climbers) or the highest part of our stratosphere.

Squirrels also (as demonstrated by Bay in this sketch) spread their bodies out to “parachute” their descents. They also find a point on the ground to keep their heads fixed to so they, like cats, generally always land on their feet.

Happy Sunday, squirrels.


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