FallCon XL 2021

September 25th, 2021

“Return of the Mack” played on the radio on my way home. That’ll be important later.

FallCon XL was today and I just want to say THANK YOU with the full power of my caps lock to everyone I met, saw, or saw again today (and to the staff who made it all happen). You made today one of the most successful convention days I have ever had in every sense of the word and I am just so full of gratitude for you.

So much happened today, some of which I’d love to write more clearly about in the future, and it was just so joyful to be in a big room full of nerds just like me, who were clearly ready and hungry for this.

If you’re new here: welcome. I hope you stay a while. If you’ve been here since we got started: you know this all exists because of you.

When “Return of the Mack” started playing on the radio, it took me back to when I was kid growing up in Faribault. If you would have told him that one day he would not only be hanging out with some of the most talented people on the planet, but be a part of their community, he wouldn’t have believed you.

He would have thought he wasn’t good enough.

Thank you for reminding that kid he was wrong. This timeline can be so dang beautiful.

All my love.


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