Holiday Sale 2021

November 13th, 2021

I’m in the spirit.

First and most of all: I want to sincerely thank every single dang one of you who showed up to Fall Tour 2021. Whether I met you at FallCon XL in St. Paul, Twin Cities Con in Minneapolis, NerdinOut Con in Rochester, Alloy Brewing Company in Coon Rapids, or at all four dates, it was absolutely my pleasure and privilege to meet your acquaintance (or get to hang out with you again).

Making art is lonely. Talking about it with you gives me life again and again and again. I wouldn’t trade any of the silly, serious, smart, lovely or awkward interactions and conversations I have with you for anything.

Now: who needs to wait for after Thanksgiving to share with you the sale of the year?

If you enter any one of Santa’s reindeers, in all caps, as a coupon code in my online store at, you will automatically receive 20% off your entire purchase. The whole bag. Your full cart.

These books are perfect for both holiday gifting and supporting local. I’ll send them over signed (feel free to reach out to me if you want them personalized in any way!) and ordering now will help you beat the rush and any impending postal slowdowns.

As always, I hope you’re hanging in there. Thanks for the all the memories this year. All my freaking love. ❤


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