Cold World Announcement Party

February 2nd, 2022

Announcing: Cold World, a new novel, to be released on June 2nd, 2022.

“In 2222, our Earth has changed in countless ways.

The people of our planet, thanks to generous corporations like the Knights — and through the development of wormhole technology — have advanced through the stars, colonizing moons, Mars, and a planet previously designated Proxima b, which is now known as Flora.

In 2222, there are laserguns, and hovermobiles, and DNA modification has been perfected.

Through the boundless growth Earth has endured, however, it has been reduced to just one season: endless winter.

Eighty years earlier, an asteroid known as Velos impacted Australia, setting in motion a chain of events that resulted in a cold world with no spring in sight.

On Flora, the Knights discover a prophecy: under the Great Lakes of America lies a sleeping phoenix, and to awaken it is to bring warmth back to Earth. To assist them with their unprecedented task, the Knights recruit a disgraced Earther.

With the reluctant help of Calef, his friends, and his dog, Joan, the Knights seek to fulfill the prophecy and save the remaining inhabitants of this neo Ice Age — whether they want to be saved or not.

A reflection on hope, spirituality, purpose, and family, and bursting with high-stakes action, Cold World is acclaimed writer Dennis Vogen’s first full-length novel, and his ninth published work.”

With my first cover ever co-designed with another person — Steven Starks Jr. absolutely crushed the photography and texture in this piece.

Beyond excited for this one, kids.

I’ve made appearances everywhere: at conventions, art galleries, pizza places, breweries, an escape room — when opportunies present themselves, I tend to say yes with an open heart, and am almost universally rewarded for it.

Tonight was no different.

First of all: look at those cookies. LOOK AT THEM. Never in my wildest dreams (and having my own cookies is one of my wildest dreams) could I imagine my work as dessert, and done so dang well. It legitimately brought tears to my eyes. So many thanks to Cookies by Ava for this impossibly cool treat.

Speaking of thanks: a million of them go to Hanna and Melissa of LPR, who were amazing to collaborate with and so gracious to not only allow me in tonight, but to sell my work in their lobby for the rest of the month. That’s right — you can browse and pick up books in person right in downtown Lakeville! Go give them a visit and tell them I sent you.

Last but certainly not least: the biggest thanks to you, the lovely people, fans, friends and family, who came out tonight to support me and LPR and blew my heart up three sizes. You are the absolute best of the best, and I don’t take the time you made for me lightly or for granted. I cherish that shit with every part of me.

All my love. Let’s keep this 2022 vibe. 💙


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