First Official Day of my Kickstarter, Fire & Ice!

March 1st, 2022

You can check out my video message here:

Happy March! It’s over zero degrees, so it’s a beautiful one. TODAY IS THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF MY FIRE & ICE KICKSTARTER!

I made a video for you (just for you!), but if you prefer to read it, here’s everything I said in plain ol’ text:

“Good morning! Or good afternoon or evening. Whatever it is, I hope it’s good.

Happy March! February, am I right? Today is the official first day of my Kickstarter, Fire & Ice! It’s to raise money so I can publish both Brushfire, an all ages graphic novel, and Cold World, a sci-fi epic novel.

I want to say a quick few words about all this.

If you can’t afford to invest in this: don’t. Don’t do it. If you think you know a better place to put your money: do that. Please. The world is on the hard difficulty level right now, so I completely understand.

That being said: if you want these books and can afford it, I can’t express how much your help means to me. It allows me to make these the best I can, and I feel like this is the best work I’ve done. I love it so much. Also, there is a Kickstarter/Retailer variant cover for both books, and you will not be able to buy them in the future, ever. That is a promise. Only through Kickstarter and a select number of stores will they ever be available.

Now THAT being said: early squirrels have already donated 20% of my goal! I am already 20% there, and today is only the first official day!

And if you can’t invest, consider sharing the link and telling your friends why you think this is worthwhile, and I’m worthwhile. And be really specific about it, because my ego needs it. I’m kidding. But remember: the Kickstarter only lasts through March, which will be over before we know it.

I sincerely hope you’re all hanging in there. We’re kind of in a dark place right now, and I create things because I’m always looking for just a little bit of that light peeking in. I hope you’ll help me find it. All my love.”

Please take a look at all the photos here, too. You can see the regular and variant covers for Brushfire (the variant is the green-hued cover that I nicknamed “the Matrix variant”); the Cold World variant will be a book that looks like it’s entirely encased in ice, with no back text at all.

Oh, and the link:


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