March 16th, 2022

Some of my wonderful co-publishers have been asking me how they can further get the word out about the books I’m releasing this summer and the campaign I’m running to publish them.

“But wait,” you might be thinking. “Co-publishers? Don’t you self-publish your work?”

Well, yes. I do self-publish. But I don’t do it without the financial support of my friends and family and fans (and sometimes mortal enemies). And instead of referring to them as backers, I refer to them as who they actually are to me: my team.

You publish my books WITH me.

As far back as my very first novella, Them, there are names that appear on a page that are the first people who ever dropped a dollar on what I do before they ever saw it. They were my first team. They were my first co-publishers. And that team has only grown over the near-decade I’ve been a published writer.

So, if you want to help, for free, here are two steps you can take:

1. Save this image for you to use anytime, anywhere.

2. Include this link close by:

And that’s it.

My co-publishers continue to humble and encourage and inspire me, and there are days when I really need that encouragement and inspiration.

I do a lot of the work, and I’m the one who refuses to quit, but I simply couldn’t and wouldn’t if it wasn’t for you.


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