March 25th, 2022


Great question, thank you for asking. With ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT of my Kickstarter campaign to go after today, and just over $400 left to find, I’m pulling out the big guns. (No, not these spaghetti arms.)

If you’ve been following my Brushfire journey at all, you’ll know that I’m creating it digitally.

That being said, there are few actual physical pieces of art I have behind its creation.

This is one of them.

It’s the cover to Brushfire. I drew it all in pencil, and then scanned it, recreating it in the digital world. But this drawing is the real one, the only original, and one of the rare pieces not created on a screen.

And you could own it! But how? ANOTHER GREAT QUESTION.

1. You can go to my Kickstarter and pledge $200. You’ll get all the rewards listed for your pledge tier, PLUS this one-of-a-kind piece of art.

2. But what if you’ve already pledged? Not fair! Well, actually, it is: if you log in and raise your pledge to $200, then this piece is yours.

There are no pledges over $100, so it’ll be easy to see if anyone hits the $200 mark with theirs. I hope this goes to a good home!

And I hope you all are having a great start to your weekend and Spring Break!

The Kickstarter link, of course:


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