I’m sorry I can’t be… PERFECT.

April 25th, 2022

It turns out I’m not perfect.

It’s my birthday week, so this is usually the time of year I remind people that if they want to send a free gift, leaving a review (or six, I have a lot of books) on a site like Amazon is a big deal to me.

This feels especially urgent because, last week, I received my first-ever not-5-star rating on Amazon.

Deep breaths. The Weirdos got a 3-star rating (from a coward who didn’t even leave a written review, so how am I supposed to dwell on all the mediocre things they think about me for months on end?).

I know. I’m in absolute shock, too.

After I spent a few hours figuring out how I was going to end my writing career, I took a step back from the ledge and had to admit something difficult:

I’m just not for everyone

And that’s okay.

But, if I am for you, you should let other people like you know that I exist and this is what I do.

So tl;dr, I’m fine, I’ll probably keep writing, it’s my birthday on Sunday, go say nice things about my books for free.

All my love on this seemingly dreary but potentially cheery Monday.


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