the thing we ran away from

June 25th, 2022

This has been the most overwhelming week I can remember since my mom died, in ways both massive and personal.

I’ve been erring on the side of being too positive, too hopeful, but it’s been really hard. I’ve tried writing, again and again, any words to make the world make sense.

But they keep coming across as righteous, or spiteful, or divisive. Those are the tools of people who use fear.

So I only have a few words left after I cut those out.

I heard a woman talking about life right now and she said:

“I’m glad I’ll be dead soon.”

We have created a society that is both suicidal and homicidal.

We both want to die and kill everyone around us.

America was founded on freedom, especially religious; we are now dominated by a single one, populated by members with severe cognitive dissonance.

We have been America long enough to become the thing we ran from.

America has become its parents.


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