Brushfire News 07.05.22

July 5th, 2022

Do you live in the south metro and want your copy of Brushfire, like, RIGHT NOW?

You’re in luck! Our friends at Mind’s Eye Comics in Burnsville just received a personal shipment of my new one, and owner Eric was kind enough to put on his cool shades and model the book with me. (Shout out to my peeps Nora & Neal, too!)

Go say hi and tell ’em I sent you!

(And no, Brushfire is not a part of their incredible $1 issue sale, happening now!)


Yesterday, my all-ages graphic novel Brushfire was released into the world (and you can pick up your copy on my website or Amazon now!). Tomorrow, we celebrate it.

I’ll be at Issues Needed Comics in Apple Valley from 5 pm to close, selling and signing and talking and sharing.

I, of course, will also have treats.

I will always have treats.

So I hope you’ll treat us with your presence, and I’ll see you all really, really soon!


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