Accessible Excellence

August 18th, 2022

The most common thing said about my books comes across as backhanded, but I’ve come to realize it aligns with what I want to do as a writer so completely.

The song goes: “I am not a big reader, but I really liked your book.”

Usually followed by the encore of: “I can’t even remember the last time I finished a whole book, but I finished yours.”

Which means my books are, I don’t know, easy, I guess?

But there’s a concept that has been my North Star since day one (or maybe day two), even when I didn’t know the concept had its own name:

“Accessible excellence.”

There are people who write simple stories. There are also people who write highly complex stories with complicated structures that explore big ideas that bound into every human and metaphysical territory.

My goal has always been to do both.

Talk about the biggest ideas in the simplest of ways.

And while everything changes, I don’t ever see this approach of mine as seasonal.

It’s what gets me up in the morning. It’s the idea that burns inside and fuels me; the idea that makes me excited about being alive and telling stories.

A few weeks ago on Hot Ones, Daniel Kaluuya used the phrase “accessible excellence” to describe Jordan Peele’s approach to filmmaking and storytelling. I absolutely explode with joy when I hear it in the wild.

The reason bad ideas get shared so quickly and easily is because bad ideas are simple and easy to share.

Good ideas deserve the same accessibility.

There should be no gate to keep when it comes to expanding our worldviews, feeding our minds, and nourishing our souls.

I didn’t always, but I know now the biggest compliment I can get is:

“I made it through the very last page.”

I hope you found something along the way.

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