Brushfire on Twin Cities Geek

August 20th, 2022

I got a Google alert for my name earlier this evening (yeah, I get Google alerts for my name, shut up) and was delighted to discover that it was because Twin Cities Geek published a sublime review of my all-ages series, Brushfire, written by the incomparable Kyle Casello.

An excellent excerpt:

“His most recent release, Brushfire, is a perfect example of him taking the next step in his creative career with an all-ages graphic novel that mixes a Saturday-morning cartoon setting with science-fiction family drama.

“Vogen’s writing style is offbeat and at times does not shy away from difficult topics; his more adult-focused graphic novel The Weirdos featured some thought-provoking moments with its characters going through difficult life decisions. I wanted to know how he would apply this established method of storytelling to an all-ages story.

“As it turned out, Vogen transitioned into this category with ease and has created a world that a young reader can relate to.”

The whole review is so thoughtful, and both the critiques and praise are well-presented. Kyle has grown in leaps and bounds in his own writing journey, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Brushfire is available now.


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