Twin Cities Con Panel News!

November 11th, 2022

So! Some exciting news!

First of all: how are you? Good, or sorry to hear that.

Secondly: I’ve been asked to participate in not one, but TWO panels at Twin Cities Con on Saturday!

The first is called Creating Believable Pseudo-Science. It’s @ 2 pm in Rm 202.

The second is called Chaos & Control: A Writing Process, and it’s @ 6:30 pm, also in Rm 202! Both are taking place on Saturday, November 12th.

I am thrilled! Both topics are deep wells and it might be fun to hear writers give you more than the quick pitch you generally hear on the con floor.

Day 1 was so much fun and it was a blast meeting (and reuniting) with you all!

See you tomorrow!

(P.S. I don’t have the bandwidth to process the death of Kevin Conroy right now but I do have an essay coming next week. We are all the night.)

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