Ducks by Kate Beaton

December 19th, 2022

This story broke me.

Like a vase falling off a counter.

I’m always telling my friends and family to give comics a try. You’re probably my friend and/or family; you know this statement to be true.

Give this graphic novel a try.

Not since Craig Thompson’s Blankets have I felt this possessed to tell everyone I know to experience someone else’s deeply personal story.

Kate Beaton gives you a slice of her young adult life in Ducks: sweet and bitter, dolloped with joy and filled with sorrow, drawn in black and white but dealing only in grays.

Relevant at every time, both universal and intimate.

I picked it up because I couldn’t throw a stone at a comic professional who didn’t recommend this one as the year’s (or several years’) best.

It is.

It broke me; but, like golden glue, it puts you back together, too.


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