Calling All Artists! Brushfire Fan Art Part 2

March 14th, 2023

Calling all artists!

When I was growing up, I was obsessed with fan art pages published in real comic books. It made me feel like, one day, that could be me.

In Brushfire: Wave 1, I got the opportunity to have my own fan art page, and in Wave 2 – I’m doing it again!

All ages are welcome; the age range of the artists in the first book literally spans decades. Use the characters and settings of Brushfire to create your own unique work, and I could feature it in Wave 2, the newest chapter of the series, scoring you a free copy.

Speaking of new: there are four new characters to introduce! There’s Estelle, an elder painted turtle who is a leader in the River Bend community; Timothy and Conor, a raccoon and mouse who made their first appearance in a panel in Wave 1 and have expanded roles now; and there are going to be falcons. Lots and lots of falcons.

You can find some of the featured characters here, and at my website, dennis vogen dot com. Send me a message and we’ll find the best way to share your artwork.

I hope you or an artist in your life gives it a shot! And if you just want to support the project and get your paws on a book, I have a Kickstarter for these graphic novels (and more!) running right now.

Have fun and all my love!


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