Tomorrow! Lakeville Art Crawl!

May 12th, 2023

Hey, all! Quick video (with Marvel!) to remind everybody that tomorrow is May 13th and I will be at Labyrinth Puzzle Rooms for the Downtown Lakeville Art Crawl from 12-7 pm!

I’ll be there with my books and art and music and to chat (and if you want to buy stuff, I got stuff to buy).

This month is also Next Step month, and I wanted to share some links if you want to check out the music and video I’ve been talking and will talk more about.

The Next Step’s three full-length albums (Something Old, Something New; Love & Fear; Honesty & Happiness) are available on all major music streaming platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify.

I have a YouTube channel that has both music and video from the last twenty years:

The music site Soundclick is where The Next Step started, and has some of the early tunes you can’t find anywhere else:

Okay! I hope to see you all tomorrow. I’ll be playing a short set at 3 pm (I’ve been under the weather for the past week and a half, but I think I’ll be okay to sing for a minute).

Have a fantastic weekend!


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