In 2003, The Next Step started as a passion project in Dennis Vogen’s childhood bedroom. A bubbling cauldron of his love of boy bands, alternative rock, punk, and emo, The Next Step went on to release a handful of EP’s, singles, and three full-length albums.

Released July 13th, 2005

Something Old, Something New

In 2005, The Next Step released their debut album: Something Old, Something New, a concept album chronicling the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship.

Greatest Hits:
All I Need
Have a Nice Life

Track list, lyrics & more…

Released September 26th, 2006

Love & Fear

In 2006, The Next Step released Love & Fear, their second album, as well as the longest and most ambitious. The beginning of a planned trilogy, this record defined The Next Step and was followed by a series of explosive local shows.

Greatest Hits:
Love & Fear, Pt. 1
Just Once, Just Tonight
Only You
Clean Break
Accidents Are Accidents

Track list, lyrics & more…

Released May 1st, 2007

Honesty & Happiness

In 2007, the sequel to Love & Fear and The Next Step’s third full-length album was released with another set of little-seen but much-loved shows.

Greatest Hits:
Honesty & Happiness
The Breakup Breakdown
Second Drink
Like This

Track list, lyrics & more…

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