Our Racist President

Early concept art for The Weirdos.

July 19th, 2019

I just read that if you’re not calling out the president on his abhorrent, racist behavior right now, then you are complicit.

I agree.

So I am absolutely calling him out, right now, and the supporters he still has left.

When they questioned him about the chants of “send her back” at his rally, he said he did not agree — but what could he do?

He was the one person with a microphone.

In that moment, he was the only one with a singular voice who could have done anything.

And he did nothing.

He was complicit for doing nothing.

If you still support him, you are complicit.

If you take being an American, a Christian or an all-around good human being seriously, you need to understand that it is not enough to simply not participate.

If you do nothing, you are silently agreeing that what you see or hear is okay.

Especially when you are the president and the only person in the room with a microphone.

Don’t be complicit. Be better. Be kind.


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