Pizza Party

(Not pictured: the pizza I just ate.)

May 22nd, 2019

We made someone their last pizza today.

If you’re an average, healthy 25-year-old human being, you have approximately 2,120 pizzas ahead of you. That number isn’t insignificant, but it also isn’t that many. You might have a little less, and you won’t likely have more.

This isn’t meant to alarm you. But this is about perspective. This is about enjoying every bite of every slice of every pizza you have left. It’s about appreciating the company of those who choose to sit or stand next to you and eat with you.

Because, before you know it, you’re going to eat your last one. You’re going to have your last slice, and your last bite.

Your memories will recall every pizza that came before.

And I just hope you’re all eating well.


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