Tell Me Something Good

Yes, I have always been this nerdy.

August 28th, 2019

What makes an artist special is obvious to everyone but the artist him- or herself.

This applies to all people.

I read this in an article the other night and the words have been rattling inside me ever since. Right before I read this, I was actually talking about someone I know, and how great he was to talk to, because he was so comfortable in talking about everything.

And then I wondered if anyone ever told him that.

I think that some people are so good at some things that other people just assume that person knows how good they are. And I also think this is rarely the case.

I look at the kid in this photo. I had just started making music (and “real” art — work that I considered art). To this day, I don’t know how much of me is bravado and how much is actual confidence.

But I do know, then and today, that there must be things the world thinks are special about me, and then there are the things that I think are special about me, and when the two occur at the same time is when something extraordinary happens.

So it’s up to us to let each other know. To state the obvious. The next time you have a nice thought about someone, and you think, “They must get this all the time” — think again. And say something.

Because it’s not just about making each other’s day.

It’s about helping one another discover our potentials and making each other’s lives.


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