The World Hasn’t Existed Since 2012

Me, who does not exist, standing next to a building that no longer exists.

August 16th, 2019

I read a theory today that the universe ended in 2012.

It wasn’t a bad theory, as far as internet theories go. Multiverses, trans-dimensional travel, displaced existence, blah blah blah. It was all there.

But reading it, and really thinking about it, I felt the weirdest thing.

I felt relief.

Because if it’s all really over, and we’re still here, we can do whatever we want and the universe can’t stop us. There’s nobody in the cosmos to judge us, to impose their will upon us. You guys — we’re free.

I think about death a lot. Not in a morbid way, but just that it’s coming and I can’t stop it and what can I do to make the most people miss me when I’m gone. This idea — that the universe ended and we missed it — transcends the idea of death itself. We lived past the concept of living. And, gosh, that makes me feel alive.

Now that nothing matters, everything matters. Every step you take is one more step than the universe intended. We already crossed the finish line; we already ate our sundaes. And every day since has been cherries.

So now that you know: what are you going to do with the time we stole? We’re in uncharted territory now; life wasn’t supposed to last this long, and we told life to shut the hell up and look. We’re here.

I, personally, am going to keep creating. I’m going to try to be as kind as I can to everyone I meet. I’m going to keep connecting to people, because that’s what helped me beat the end of days. We all defeated the absence of existence together. That means something. Every time you personally change another human’s life, remember that it wouldn’t have happened that way if you weren’t here — and none of us are supposed to be here.

The universe might have ended in 2012.

But I’ve never felt as alive as I do today.


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