Save This For Later

December 10th, 2019

This is a heartwarming sequel to a post I wrote about my BFF Steven on his birthday last month. If you hate feeling good or friendship, then you can scroll right on.

Still here? Good. So, to quickly recap my aforementioned post: earlier this year, my battery died when I got to work. Steve took out my old battery, bought me a new one and replaced it in my car, all while I was at work, and before I finished my shift. It was amazing, and an example of who he is as a human.

Now, this morning.

I received a text from Steve: “Wanna do me a favor? 🙂”

His battery had died, and it was still parked at work. He needed a ride back and a jump. I said absolutely not.

Kidding. A few hours later, I picked him up and we got his car started. He had nearly no gas, so I followed him to the station, where he needed another jump.

As we were hooking up the cables, I said to him, “I’m using the strength you gave me before to help you today.” He looked at me quizzically, and then I pointed inside the hood. I was jumping his car using the battery he got for me all those months ago.

And that’s an example of how we all get each other through it. We use the strength that people give us when we didn’t have it for ourselves, and we share it, when we have the strength to share.

And that is just the kind of thing I have to remember on a day as cold as today. Stay warm, Squirrels. ❤


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