This Is Your Book

March 11th, 2020

This is your book, in a very unique way.

In the way that this book will be for the people who have already discovered it.

And that’s you.

Very rarely in life do you have a chance to not only say, “I knew about [this thing] before anybody else,” but get to say, “I supported [this thing] before anybody else, and I actually was one of the reasons it got made at all. I was a part of the process.”

This is your book, in a really special way.

People will discover it after you, and BECAUSE of you, as it will only exist because of you.

You get to be a publisher. You get to have your name printed on a page of something you hopefully believe in, because the book itself is about hope.

This is your book.

We’re at almost $1,000 with less than FOUR days to go. Every cent is felt and appreciated.

Let’s keep pumping our blood in [this thing]



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