The Final Countdown

March 12th, 2020


Here’s a special banner for anyone who has donated to this work and wants to proudly display it.

I ❤ my Weirdos. Which would actually make a great bumper sticker.

We are at an astonishing $1,300 out of $1,500 needed. I legitimately teared up when I saw that this afternoon. THANK YOU.

A donor has also stepped up and said they will contribute 50% of whatever we raise together this weekend! This is the LAST weekend of fundraising. Just a few days left until the Ides of March, the conclusion of this project.

I am so excited to stop talking about funding, and getting back to everything else. You all have been so amazing, and supportive, and your shares, comments and messages have been keepin’ me and this dream alive.

Don’t stop. Can’t stop. All my love.


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