Give A F***.

March 15th, 2020

“This is a story about our struggles, and our suffering — and this is a story about how our connections to one another is the way we weather them.”

That’s the last line of my description for The Weirdos. Today is the last day you can pre-order my book or donate to the project.

I’m seeing a lot of people out here not treating each other with respect. I see a lot of people not listening to one another.

I see a lot of gloom and doom and despair.

And the way you fight that is the Weirdo Way: you stand by one another. You listen. And you carry on alongside your friends and family and even acquaintances who have the same goals, hopes and dreams. (You can do this while practicing a safe social distance.)

If this sounds like something you agree with, please consider supporting it. Your name will be on page two, making you an official Weirdo and announcing to the world that you DO give a fuck.

Please give a fuck.

It is exactly what this world needs right now.

P.S. This is a sticker sheet that comes with one of the donation tiers and it is my favorite thing today. It is so cute.


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