Plain & Friendly

August 13th, 2020

“He did not want to appear at a loss or to let his followers down. He decided that it would be best to be plain and friendly.”

– Watership Down

If you ever run into me in real life, this is my goal.

I often feel like a let down, or that I’m lacking to live up to expectations; the least I can try to be is nice.

Sometimes that kindness is plain; sometimes it results in me teasing. Sometimes it comes out as an odd mishandling of words; sometimes I get out exactly what I mean to say.

Constantly reminding myself that kindness is the best we can do is how I can be content.

And if I’ve ever been less than that to you, for that I apologize; you can be certain I’ll be better the next time around.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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