Whisper of Hope

August 20th, 2020

“What we do reverberates through generations.”

I’m not the type to drink the Kool-Aid of any particular brand (you guys, it’s all literally the same drink but they just change the color). I believe in America; not the one we currently live in, but the ideals that were put in place by people who knew that we had to live up to something better than ourselves.

Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve been watching the DNC coverage this week and I have a confession to make. I’ve been feeling something, faint but familiar, stirring in the bottom of my chest: a whisper of hope.

And, surprisingly enough, that feeling isn’t emanating from a candidate. No, it’s coming from a lot of passionate people who care a whole lot about this country, and they’re determined to do something we’ve sorely needed: they want to hold their candidate accountable.

As I’m watching all these people speak about Joe Biden, their highest compliment seems to be that he is a decent man. Which, you know, debatable for some. But these people are also fiercely outspoken, and they are telling us that they will hold this president accountable and continually make their voices heard to him.

And that has been nonexistent in American politics for the last four years; the idea that the president would listen to anybody but himself.

Listen to Obama speak, and hear perfectly constructed sentences (!) and a dignified tone that represent exactly what this country should be.

And let yourself feel it. Maybe not full-fledged hope, not yet. But let yourself feel the whisper. And let us hope that hope will only get louder.


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