Live & Let Live

October 3rd, 2020

Superheroes have taught me a lot of lessons, but I learned one as a kid that I never forgot, and it feels especially relevant now.

At the end of any Spider-Man or Batman cartoon or comic book, I always found myself with an uneasy feeling.

I didn’t like how they let the bad guys live.

To me, it made sense to kill them, so they couldn’t hurt anybody else. I wasn’t a psychopath or anything (though that’s arguable); my soft, feeble brain just saw a primitive logic in removing evil from the equation of life.

By doing something over and over again that I didn’t quite initially understand, they normalized the idea that every person’s life is important, no matter who they are.

This means that we don’t wish for anyone — not even the bad guy — to die.

Because every life means something.

Just a thing to think about during these times. There are some days when even Spider-Man or Batman question whether they’re doing the right thing.

They are. I know that in my heart.

[Photo by audrey nicole photography]


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