A More Perfect Union

January 20th, 2021

It was pointed out to me today that the Constitution starts with the promise of a “more perfect union” — the key word not being “perfect,” but “more.”

It immediately states that there is nothing perfect about us or this country, and that it could be and will be better perpetually. It is our job as citizens to keep progressing.

Last night, I was watching a talk show, and they talked about Biden’s “radical empathy.” The people having the conversation admired it, but it also made them nervous. Can a person or a nation care too much?

To that I say: relationships and families and communities and countries are destroyed by hate every day. The quiet kind, the loud kind, the violent kind.

But if our country gets consumed by compassion? If we fail by embracing kindness, intelligence, and love?

I will pick up my violin, I will take up my bow, and I will play until that ship is completely underwater.

Happy Inauguration Day, fellow Americans.


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