Any & Everything

January 19th, 2021

Anything can be saved. Everything can be destroyed.

These were two phrases I repeated in my head when I was still “in it.”

I repeated them because I knew I wanted them in my first comic book, and because these words were keeping me alive.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my value, or lack thereof, as a human being. I was a hollow mess. I wondered often if I had done too much damage, in every possible way, to be able to recover. I didn’t know if I was worth saving.

Then I would repeat: anything can be saved.

And I believed it. I still do. Even if it doesn’t happen like you thought it was going to happen, anything and anyone can be saved.

But the one phrase wasn’t enough.

I realized that if I kept living the way I was that there wasn’t going to be anything left. Thus, everything can be destroyed.

I decided to bookend the first issue of The Flying Squirrel with these words, utilizing the shape of an hourglass: the first page is the top, where the sand begins its journey, and the last page, the bottom.

And the pages in-between forever hold the time I decided to try to save something.

[The Weirdos: Volume I is now available on, Amazon, and Comixology]


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