Solid News

February 5th, 2021

It’s about time.

I had mentioned earlier this year that since I started truly blogging and writing digital essays, I had scribbled and typed more than 60,000 words over the past few years.

That’s a lot of words. That’s a novel amount of words.

These posts are easily what I get the majority of my responses and messages for; they’re the most-requested pieces people ask to share and for me to find (Regular inquiry: “Do you remember what that one was called…?”).

Having a website is great, but there’s just so much content that it’s hard to go back and find the thing that maybe spoke to you or made you think or feel.

So I’m beyond happy to announce Time is a Solid State, my first collection of essays.

It’s not just one thing: yes, some of the essays will be verbatim reprints of their original form — but others have additional parts that were lost, due to space or time constraints. There are also brand new pieces that no one has ever seen, and even more unique content specifically created for this book.

In fact, there’s essays I wrote and never posted because I was worried about the comment section. The most beautiful thing about a book is that there is no comment section.

This is an absolute experiment for me; I don’t know who the target audience is for it (which, let’s face it, is not my forté in deciding when I’m creating anything). But it’s something different and I really want a paperback version of what has basically been my journey over the last three-plus years. It’s less formal than a memoir. It’s an open-faced digital diary.

My goal is to open pre-orders in April (which I’ve never really done) and we’ll see where this goes from there. If even one person besides me is excited for this, then I’m ecstatic.

All my love. Hope you’re hanging in there, squirrel.

P.S. This doesn’t interfere with any of my other projects; this is a cherry-on-top book.


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