Po-Tay-Toh, Po-Tah-Toh

March 2nd, 2021

*Sigh* The best thing we can do is learn something, right?

Generally, on the internet, the people I hear complain about something the loudest are the exact same people who say everyone else complains too much and are too easily offended.

The Potato Head Scandal is the closest to actual satire of this phenomenon that I have seen — well, this year.

The thing is, though: I don’t think Potato Head *is* something people care about. I think a lot of people are looking for reasons to tear each other down based on their reactions to whatever is going on today, as that must offer who a person is deep down inside (or at least politically or spiritually). Since the lines between being political or just plain moral or empathetic have been completely smeared, nobody knows what’s actually important anymore.

Alleged adults are actually spending their time being upset about a vegetable that a toy company decided to gender (and then ungender and then regender) in the first place.

So, how about we just learn about actual potatoes? If you don’t want to read it all: potatoes are male, female *and* asexual. So the correct way to address a potato is actually Mr. Mrs. DIY Potato Head.

The More You Know.



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