Time is Coming

March 16th, 2021

Preordering for Time is a Solid State is now available!

This project ended up being a much larger task than I was anticipating; what I thought would be maybe 300 pages ended up clocking in at 451 paperback pages, with almost 60,000 words (and an average novel will top out at 40k).

I’m so excited to be releasing another book on May 1st, my BIRTHDAY. 

The paperback is $22.99 and the eBook just $4.99. Since I’m doing a presale, every book that is ordered from now until May 1st will count towards my one-day sales, so let’s see if we can actually get this thing to a decent spot on the charts! That would be a rad b-day gift.

Here’s the official description for the collection.

Dennis Vogen is not a meme.

He has claimed to be an acclaimed writer for years, releasing novellas like Theia, Flip, and Them, and creating comics and graphic novels like Brushfire and The Weirdos.

Here, he collects blogs, posts, essays and loose change from nearly half a decade. They cover a spectrum of topics, from comic books to sobriety, from outer space to his dog, from pop culture to spirituality, from nostalgia to the multiverse, from joy to grief and everything between.

You will find that Dennis Vogen is a lot of things and, for better or for worse, has a lot to say.

But he is not a meme.

Now go! Get yourself one! And thank you, thank you, thank you.

Time is a Solid State @ Amazon:


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