It’s Gonna Be May

April 24th, 2021

It’s my birthday in EXACTLY ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, which means that Time is a Solid State comes out EXACTLY ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

If you’re looking to get me an absolutely free gift for my upcoming 21st b-day (shut up, it’s close enough), I have an idea: please post a review of my work!

You can do it in a number of ways:

1. Leave one on Amazon (preferred), Goodreads or another favorite book-related site!

2. Post a review on your social media!

3. Add a pic of you reading to your story!

4. Tell your friends and family in real life!

Whether or not you think you’ve read Time is a Solid State, the book, if you’ve ever read anything I’ve posted on the internet, you’ve at least read a page of it. Probably more. Write about that! (Or another book of mine you have read!)

Two amazing new Amazon reviews were added this week (thanks, Nick and Kristi!) and it’d make me happy to keep that momentum going. Before you know it, like Justin says: it’s gonna be May (1st).

All my love, squirrels.


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