Netflix Review: Sweet Tooth

June 6th, 2021

I just finished the first season of Sweet Tooth (now on Netflix). I am one of those nerds who has read the book; in this case, I own every graphic novel that collects the comic book series that Sweet Tooth was adapted from (and am a massive Jeff Lemire fan, the writer/artist behind the series). So I was highly anticipating it, to say the least.

I don’t know if I can think of another recent adaptation that captures the essence of its source material as well as this one does. That’s not to say it follows the plot directly; quite the contrary, it streamlines and simplifies the sometimes complex and convoluted story the comic told. The pacing of the show is impeccable and purposeful. It also benefits from a lighter touch, the book taking a darker, bloodier, more sinister tone (which, truth be told, could be in its future).

So what’s it about? Well, that’s one of the best parts: Sweet Tooth is about EVERYTHING. It’s almost impossible to pin down its countless themes. But one of the main plot points is a sickness — a *ahem* pandemic, which will definitely hit close to home no matter who you are — that infects the world as children start being born as animal-human hybrids. Gus — our young protagonist, a boy with deer antlers, nicknamed Sweet Tooth for his affinity for treats — is one of these hybrids.

That’s all of the plot I’ll give you without spoiling the series. Give the first episode a watch and it’ll be easy to decide whether you want to continue on this journey.

The characters are the remarkable, ordinary sort, with no one being all good or bad, instead varying shades of gray. They carry the big themes of love, fear, family, trust, honesty, morality and what it means to be human.

Again, it’s about everything.

I highly recommend it.

(Kind-of spoilers for the whole series starts now, but only speaking to potential storylines. Read at your own risk.)

I was delighted to see scenes of the Alaskan landscape appear in parts of the show, as well as images of an old ship. These aspects of the comic book series were easily the most absurd and out there and it looks like the show is embracing that, along with surprises not found in the book. I’m here for it.


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