Alarm For The Cause Of Being Brave

June 4th, 2021

I’m almost done writing a book (I may have mentioned it earlier) and it has taken me to some of the darkest places writing has ever taken me (I also mentioned that in passing).

One of its lessons is about the power of being honest with yourself (and the power dishonesty can have over you).

The most powerful thing about that lesson is that you have to learn it again every day.

Being who you really are shouldn’t require bravery, but the way our world was shaped before us makes it that way.

Conversely, I want you to remember: criticism of any kind takes absolutely no bravery at all.


It’s born of fear and insecurity and cowardice.

And we live in a universe where love and hope and compassion and empathy are the bravest things of all, and they’re all formed from the particles of honesty, which we have to relearn how to assemble every day.

So, in case you forgot, this post is here to remind you.

It doesn’t matter what you unlearned overnight.

You can be honest again. You can be brave again. And you can do both or be neither at any time for the rest of your life.


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