i love u all so much

July 22nd, 2021

Oh, m’gosh.

First things first: my deepest, sincerest, most saccharine gratitude to every single wonderful soul who attended the Book(s) Release Party today, whether you showed up over an hour early, or stayed with me until the very end (and maybe even a few minutes past that).

I’ve said it before, and why wouldn’t I repeat this simple truth: connecting with you makes this life both worth living and mean something.

It was electrifying to see so many friends and faces, some of whom I hadn’t seen since the before-times (and some of whom I had never seen before).

While chatting with everyone, talk would invariably venture into returning to normal and what that new normal will be, and I felt a part of my new normal with significant weight tonight: this was the first time I celebrated accomplishing something without my mom by my side.

I swore I saw her a few times at the door today (and maybe I did, that trickster), and I know she goes on in ways I can’t understand.

It was different without her hug.

It was, at times, heavy and difficult on the inside, and you being there made it okay. I want to thank you for that, too, for real.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the stories you picked up (and hello to all the new folk I met, too!). I send a massive amount of props to the incredible Issues Needed Comics for having me as a guest once again. (Enjoy the rest of the candy!)

As always, all my love.


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