Twin Cities Con Report 2021

October 3rd, 2021

Get your splatterguard for this post because a lot of heart and guts are heading your way.

First and foremost: the warmest and fuzziest hugs to the organizers and volunteers of Twin Cities Con. It’s no secret that our community was cautious of a new convention coming to town; in a way, though, our wary, low-to-reasonable expectations led to a far-better-than-anticipated weekend, and nearly everyone I talked to was positively glowing, feeding a nerd hunger that’s been gnawing on us collectively for over 18 months now.

It was a fantastic first outing.

If you’re new here: welcome. I’m so glad you found me.

My notes from the con:

– I personally had my best one-day sales ever on Saturday, since I started tabling in 2018. That led to my best weekend ever, and that was due to an amazing convention crowd and a large selection of my work being (finally!) available.

– Speaking of: this was the first week I’ve been able to talk to people about The Weirdos: Volume 1, a graphic novel that came out in May 2020. It was a little out-of-body to be doing what I’ve been dreaming about doing for 16 months, and introducing something that was totally new for so many folks. The reception to the ideas was incredible; I found new ways to describe this work, the characters to whom I gave my defects, and I realized I’m never really going to make something like this again. My table got regularly emotional, raw, and I think the work is raw and emotional in a way I could never replicate. I hope you all like it, and I’m here to talk about it when you’re done.

– I got so much dog dad pride with the love Theia got over the weekend, both the story itself and the cover girl, who was based on my baby, Marvel. Got to see lots of photos of dogs, hear lots of stories about dogs, and any time with dogs is time well spent.

– I love how more people are finding Flip, but to be honest, I’m more excited that people have Push, because I think it’s a story that needs to be read and I’m really proud of it.

– Who would have thought packaging all the things that are wrong with me as art was going to be emotionally exhausting?! I got to introduce my many flaws to thousands of people in person and what a trip. Thank you all for accepting me, anyway. You are far too kind. And I am completely, utterly wiped, a hard drive under a magnet.

I met (and reunited with) some of the best people this weekend, and if we connected, I could never tell you how I grateful I am.

If you’re wondering, I’m a confirmed guest for Twin Cities Con 2022. I’ll also be in Rochester in three weeks for NerdinOut Con 2021. See you soon.

And, as always: all my love.


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