You’ll believe a man can… be absolutely anything, and that is the most inspiring thing of all.

October 13th, 2021

I love it when something happens in the comic book world that reverberates in the real one. Especially when the reactions to said news go right ahead and prove the point being made in the first place.

Of course, I’m talking about my homeboy Jon Kent, the new Superman, coming out as bisexual this week.

Which I think is absolutely brilliant, but only because I am a brainwashed idiot, a “woke liberal” fool who believes in all love, in inclusivity, and wakes up every day wanting to embody radical empathy.

The reactions have been big. You have generations of people who burst into tears upon reading the news, some of whom wishing they would have had this representation growing up, some beyond thrilled that they have this representation in a major hero now.

And then you have the other side.

And their reactions range from absurd to absolutely hilarious.

One of the common refrains in comment sections: “JON KENT HAS *CLEARLY* BEEN STRAIGHT UP UNTIL NOW.”

And I, an avid comic book fan, wonder what they mean by that. Did Jon enter rooms by introducing himself and then declaring his straightness? Because that doesn’t seem right. Is it because he’s been attracted to girls? I hate to break it to you, but that’s what “bisexual” means. Additionally, there are many people who, before they decided to come out, dated people opposite their sex for a variety of reasons that are none of your business.

And character-wise, this just makes sense. Jon loves everyone. He sees the best in all people. And for it to coincide romantically absolutely tracks.

And for everyone confusing Jon for his father, Clark? Go home. Your blatant ignorance and desire to be mad about just about anything is exhausting.

The complaints screaming “comics are for children!” are just as exhausting, and old. Comics are an art form. They are for everybody: young, old, straight, gay, every color and kind of folk in the universe. And growing up, nearly everything I watched had a romantic plot within it. So are you upset about romance in “kid’s stuff”? Because that’s always been there. You must be mad at something else.

In the end, the good comic book heroes have taught generations of people the difference between right and wrong.

They teach us how to be brave, and strong, and inclusive, and compassionate, and empathetic, and they remind us over and over again how every individual is priceless.

Jon Kent is the hero of our times.


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