The Double Nice Sale

November 26th, 2021

Are you one of those fans who keeps going to the online shop or seeing me at conventions, wanting to buy one of my books but not sure where to begin? Have you read all of my work digitally and want to take the next step by filling your bookshelf with every paperback of mine in existence? Are you a superfan who already owns every book and wants to give the complete collection to someone you love dearly?

Well, do I have the best sale ever for you!

I am offering a complete collection of my work for the amazing, very nice price of $69.69 (+ shipping)! Imagine your loved one (or mortal enemy) unwrapping these on Christmas morning, now enriched (or burdened) by these beautiful books!

I am offering only SIX of these collections, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I offer discounts at conventions, but this is above and beyond even that; at an average of $20 a book, this collection is worth over $120.

I hope your holidays have not completely sucked so far (but if they have, send me a line), and I hope these books find a good home! (And don’t forget, there is a 20% off sale going for those of you who just want an item or two. Use any of Santa’s reindeer, all capital letters, as your code.)

Check the main page for details and links!


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