These Things I Remember

January 1st, 2022

I guess I’m just going to keep trying to remember.

I’ll remember that it doesn’t matter what a person believes in — just what they do with it.

I’m going to remember that my worth has nothing to do with my accomplishments, or lack thereof.

I’m going to remember that there is no nobler goal than to be kind, plain and friendly.

I’m going to be a reminder that words and actions matter.

I’m going to remember that according to the universe, our lives are meaningless, and because nothing matters, everything we do matters.

There are all these other things I learn on a daily basis that I promise myself I’m going to remember. But these are the ones that I think of daily, and will continue to remember in this new year.

Also: dogs are better than people.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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