Ain’t No Party Like a Faribault Party

April 20th, 2022

Attention, citizens of Faribault! (Faribaultians?)

I made the realization that, though I consider myself from Faribault and have set most of my stories in or around Faribault, I’ve never actually had a release party for one of my books down there.

Let’s change that!

If you or someone you know owns a business and wants to have a little par-tay, please reach out to me!

My new book, Cold World, comes out on June 2nd, 2022; I’m looking to do something on that day (which is a Thursday), or within that week.

I generally plan my release parties to run two-to-three hours, in the evening, which tends to be plenty of time to chat and share my work. All I really need is a roof over my head and a table; I’ve been doing conventions for years, so I’m pretty self-reliant, and I usually bring treats for everyone!

So: let me know in the comments or send me a message! Let’s set something up!


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